About ISCBC-NIPiCON-2022 Conference

Gujarat is at the forefront of the growth in the pharmaceutical industry in India. Accounting for nearly 42 percent share of India’s pharmaceutical turnover, 22 percent of its drug exports and 20 percent of its chemicals output, Gujarat’s pharmaceutical industry has evolved into an innovation-driven, knowledge-focused industry. Ahmedabad, being the largest city in the state of Gujarat, houses several established companies which have operations in the world’s major pharma markets. It will be a great opportunity for scientists, professors, researchers, and students to connect with industry experts during NIPiCON-IPS 2022 conference in Ahmedabad.

In February 2022, 6th International Conference, NIPiCON 2022 will be jointly organized with Indian Pharmacological Society (IPS). This aims to provide a common platform for dissemination of multidisciplinary research on the theme of “Emerging Opportunities and Challenges in Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences for Drug Discovery and Healthcare Innovations.”

The conference intends to provide networking opportunities for different stakeholders of the modern-day healthcare sector i.e., industrialists, physicians, pharmacologists, biotechnologists, and other allied professionals. The conference will feature expert discussions on the emerging trends and corresponding opportunities and challenges for the development of innovative solutions related to healthcare. Interdisciplinary research integrates information, concepts and theories of two or more different specialized disciplines for better scientific understanding and solving of complex challenging problems. The conference will provide an opportunity for development of interdisciplinary research that integrates pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences. The conference will put together different minds from several fields including clinicians for encouraging pharmacological discoveries and inventions for the upliftment of patients’ quality of life.

The conference features plenary and invited lectures from eminent national and international researchers from varied disciplines of healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical field. The conference will also provide researchers and students to stare their research developments and innovative ideas by means of deliberations, discussions as well as oral and poster presentations.