Welcome To International Conference

The pharmaceutical sciences are a group of interdisciplinary field and profession that are involved with the design, discovery, development, delivery and disposition of drugs. Over the years, pharmaceutical scientists have been instrumental in discovering and developing innovative drugs that can cure various diseases and improve the quality of life.

Nirma Institute of International Conference (NIPiCON) was initiated in year 2013 to offer a common platform for academicians, researchers, industrialists, clinical practitioners and young budding pharmacists to share their ideas, knowledge and research findings which finally emerge with new concepts using interdisciplinary approach in the pharmaceutical field.

The 4th International Conference, NIPiCON 2018 aims to provide a knowledge sharing experience in the area of “Innovation in Pharmaceutical Research by Interdisciplinary Approach.”

Pharmaceutical innovation is a creative process that helps in the application of knowledge and creativity for discovering and developing new medicinal products that generate improvement in patient health. Interdisciplinary research integrates information, concepts and theories of two or more different specialized disciplines for better scientific understanding and solving of complex challenging problems. Interdisciplinary approach in pharmaceutical research can resolve real health care problems, give a different perspective to research area and provide answers to complex problems of pharmaceutical field. This conference will provide an open forum for the academicians, researchers and professionals of pharmaceutical industry to enrich their knowledge in the area of pharmaceutical innovations for getting better product using interdisciplinary research in pharmaceutical field.

The conference features plenary sessions which will be delivered by eminent national and international speakers from different disciplines of pharmaceutical field. In addition, there will be an invited lectures and sessions delivered by distinguished and young researchers in their respective fields during parallel scientific sessions. The conference will also provide the opportunity to scientists and research scholars from various organizations to put forth their innovative ideas and research findings by means of deliberations, discussions, oral and poster presentations.